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Standardization of BIM processes

Structure, direct and manage your construction projects managing the use of the information extracted from a digital model in real time, seeking the optimization of processes based on the Lean Construction methodology. (2).png



1. Understand, develop, and have the first approach to the application of executive-construction projects with BIM methodologies

2. Implement communication and coordination processes that allow anticipating possible problems in the project.

3. Maintain an auditable relationship between existing objects and their quantifications


Module 1: Introduction to BIM AND LEAN

Module 2:BIM Management

Module 3:Collaboration with BIM

Module 4:Collaboration with BIM

Module 5:Interoperability and simulation

Module 6:Principles of LEAN Construction in interaction with Building Information Modeling

Module 6: Collaborative work planning and monitoring

Module 7:Closure of the course with project management in real time

Check the full agenda here

Imparted by:

Luis BN.jpg

Louis Armando Hernandez

  • Engineer Civil Administrator, BIM EXPERT.

  • Founding partner SOHERSA GROUP.

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