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AutodeskConstruction Cloud with BIM 360 Collaborate Pro and AutodeskBuild

The visualization, information management, collaborative design, coordination of specialists and approval flows of your Architecture, Engineering and Construction projects, within the reach of your team, from any place and time, without losing security. Structure, direct and manage your construction projects by managing the use of the information extracted from a digital model in real time, seeking to optimize processes based on the use of a shared data environment located in the cloud (2).png



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 BIM knowledge professionally supports students in disciplines related to construction,Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Urban Planners, Interior Designers and professions that have engineering or architecture in common in their various orientations,It is essential that the person does not have resistance to change and collaborative work.


1. Understand, develop, and have the first approach to the application of constructive executive projects with theBIM methodologies.


2. Enable the participant inImplementation of technology and standardization of your processes in your construction projects in a practical wayand from the jobsite in a structured way according to the discipline of standard project management and in real time.


3. Find the synergy in which thecorrect implementation of the BIM methodology and technological toolsthat can add to the development of management control of a construction project.


4. Know howmanage incidents on site, manage data on quality, finances, safety and progress in real time.


Module 1: Introduction to BIM and Autodesk
Construction Cloud

1. What is Autodesk Construction Cloud and Autodesk Build?

2. What differences exist between ACC and BIM 360?

3. What is BIM 360 Collaborate PRO?

4. What is BIM 360 Collaborate PRO made of?

5. What advantages does BIM 360 Collaborate PRO have?

Module 2: Collaborative work BIM 360 Design

1. Autodesk Desktop Connector and RVP versions.

2.Design Collaboration.

Module 3: Collaborative work BIM 360

1. Unification of files between BIM 360 Coordinate and Autodesk Docs.

2. Manage user information.

3. Model coordination workflow between BIM 360,

Docs, Design, Navisworks.

4. Creation and administration of views.

5. Creation and management of Markups.

6. Crossroads of engineering.

7. Information display.

8. Collaboration and workflow in interference detection between

BIM 360 and Navisworks.

9. Workflow between REVIT, Navisworks, Docs, Design.

10. Coordination of models.

11. Creating and working with SDI RFI.

12. Response to SDI.

13. SDI closures.

14. Permissions and coordination roles

Module 4: Introduction to Autodesk Build

1. Initial configuration.

2. Issues management. 

3. Meetings.

4. Forms.

5. RFIs.

6. Photos.

Module 5: Autodesk cost and mobile visualization

1. Introduction.

2. Plan Grid.

Check the full agenda here

Imparted by:


Louis Armando Hernandez

  • Engineer Civil Administrator, BIM EXPERT.

  • Founding partner SOHERSA GROUP.

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