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Surveying is a specialty within the world of engineering, which has thousands of years of practice in Egypt, from 1400 BC. C. Herodotus tells Seostris to divide the lands of Egypt into parcels to collect taxes, this being one of the first known topographic works in history. Despite being an ancient discipline, great advances have been developed, today we have the possibility of having within our reach, total stations, RTK technology, Photogrammetry, LIDAR that provide more precise work compared to traditional methods, thanks to the Using drones and Photogrammetry, we have the opportunity to map large areas of land in short periods of time and under a three-dimensional environment from point clouds, from which we can extract a large amount of information such as contour lines, as well as Even thanks to LIDAR and Laser Scanner technology, we have the opportunity to capture the current state of various types of real estate and infrastructure, with high precision and also in a three-dimensional environment with point clouds. Obviously the industry is advancing and it is time to innovate, that is why for all topographic and reality capture services at Sohersa we can support you, we have high-precision equipment, RTK's, drones and laser scanners to provide you with the best service.

Target customers:Developers, Project Managers, Architects, Designers, among others.

Topographic surveys with RTK gnss technology


Topographic surveys supported by photogrammetry / Drones

Current status surveys / Point cloud


Modeling current state of real estate from point clouds

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