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The main basis for the success of a construction project is to generate, from the design stage, a well-defined project involving all possible specialties, consisting of the necessary information such as descriptive reports, structural calculations, designs, specifications. technical and executive, among other documents. Likewise, if we add the involvement of the BIM methodology in the project, the probability of success can increase too much, that is, it is a game of probability, where based on a traditional methodology if a project can be completed correctly, we have as a basis various projects from the last century that were successful, for example, the Empire State built in the 1930s, however, the risk game lies in the fact that there is so much possibility that there may be problems in construction and in later phases. At Sohersa we seek the correct implementation of the BIM methodology and in turn provide the service of developing comprehensive executive projects covering all specialties, from architecture, structural calculation, design of facilities, budgets, among others.

Target customers:Developers, project management, industrial projects.

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In the project that we put together for you, we present the architectural model, perspectives and virtual tour.


We integrate all the necessary documentation, quantifications and cost engineering.


Taking all the details of the work into account, we present simulation work vs. time

Development of architectural spaces

We carry out the conceptualization and design of architectural projects optimally balancing the needs of the client, the resources and existing regulations to achieve a comprehensive proposal, ensuring the quality of the project in functional and aesthetic aspects.

First we make an appointment that will allow us to know your tastes and needs. If you do not have land, we will provide you with some alternative locations to find out the area of your preference and start the process of searching for available land.

We define the budget of your house based on your needs, we carry out the procedures and authorization of it.

The development of the Architectural Project is developed in 6 phases

1 Pre Design

Specific objectives and important considerations are established.

2 Schematic Design

Contains plans, elevations and preliminary sections

3 Design Development

Construction details, material specifications and construction systems.

4 Construction Documents

Contains official documentation for construction.

5 Contests and Costs

Contractor selection process required for construction.

6 Construction

Supervision and detailed plans.

Engineering crossing coordination 

What is an interference?

An interference occurs when different elements intersect in the same space. An example: An air duct going through the walls instead of going to the ceiling. As well as the updates or changes decided, but not reflected in the model.

Some studies quantify an average saving of between $10,000 and $200,000 (Mexican Pesos) per interference detected, so to doubt the advantages of interference detection through BIM is not to properly consider the benefits in time, resources and, of course, the money that it entails. With Clash Detection, errors that would normally have been discovered on site can now be detected and anticipated from the office through the BIM model and without having started the work or hired resources.

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MEP Design (Facilities)

Grupo Sohersa offers integral engineering design MEP from the BIM method in Revit LOD 400 of the disciplines:

  • electrical

  • Hydrosanitary

  • Fire protection

  • HVAC

  • specials

We have BIM solutions that allow us to determine the feasibility of construction through the location of the MEP structural elements that make up part of the building, in order to carry out the design idea to the construction phase. By coordinating architectural, structural, and MEP models, design accuracy is facilitated and material sourcing is optimized. Likewise, anticipating the trajectories of said elements in advance, the performance of time, cost and work is improved, since any change will be reflected automatically in the different models.


Structural design

Cabinet services:

  • Structural engineering executive project

  • Structural advice and consultancy

  • Structural assessment and opinion

  • Development and patent of construction technology

  • Structural reinforcement

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