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Target customers:Developers, project managers, architects, designers, among others.

Monitoring of the development of information through compliance with the guidelines established in the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) and project feedback for decision making. The participation of the BMO will be at the management, supervision and evaluation level, with a medium degree of control.

If you need to implement BIM:

  • An operational analysis of the organization and an analysis of its BIM vision were developed.

  • We map the workflow of your current processes.

  • We identify the processes in which the BIM methodology will impact their development.

  • An outline and implementation plan is developed.

  • A course and training scheme designed to suit the needs of your organization is created and provided.

  • Its processes are restructured, instructions, procedure sheets, new role schemes and job descriptions are created

  • The workflow of the company is standardized according to the new processes

  • It is implemented and launched with a pilot project.

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