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BIM-LEAN project management

Technology + processes = productivity

Optimizing the construction industry

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1. .Understand, develop, and have the first approach to the application of construction executive projects with BIM methodologies.

2. Implement communication and coordination processes that allow anticipating possible problems in the project.

3. Enable the participant to implement technology and standardize their processes in their construction projects in a practical way and from the jobsite in a structured manner according to the discipline of standard project management and in real time.

3. Find the synergy in which the correct implementation of the BIM methodology in support of Lean construction can help increase productivity, reduce errors, causing greater profitability in our projects.

3. Know the main tools of the Lean Construction methodology.

We will know  in detail what BIM is, seeking to eliminate false beliefs about what it is. Each of the dimensions in which the BIM topic can be beneficial in the development of a construction project will be detailed step by step. The student will be able to understand BIM as a methodology and not as software. 


Who is it for?

BIM knowledge professionally supports students of disciplines related to construction, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Urban Planners, Interior Designers and professions that have engineering or architecture in common in their various orientations, is essential that the person has no resistance to change and collaborative work.



30 hours.






3,300.00 MXN

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Fridays and Saturdays





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Course content

Know in detail what BIM is, seeking to eliminate false beliefs and detail each of the steps step by step.dimensions BIM/ Real knowledge of Lean Construction.

Introduction to BIM and LEAN

Know in an introductory way thedocuments necessary for the correct BIM implementation within a company, as well as information classification systems

BIM Management / Introduction to the BIM execution plan

Entering the  participant to comprehensive knowledge and endorsed in project management specifically in the field of construction, balance will be found with methodologies such as PMI, LEAN, BIM, and Scrum.

BIM - LEAN - PMI Ideal Synergy / Comprehensive management of construction projects

Real understanding of how to integrate BIM AND LEAN CONSTRUCTION  in the development  of our construction projects athrough  of the VDC methodology (Virtual design and construction)

BIM unification - LEAN/VDC (Virtual Design and construction)

Generate a 4D  schedule using Navisworks software,linking it with MS Project/  Application of the earned value method for monitoring the project.

4D Planning (Navisworks)/Performance Indicators/Earned Value

Generate a dynamic 4D planning in Synchro software, generating simulations according to the real construction process and giving them their corresponding follow-up.

4D planning (Synchro), project monitoring.

Different tools will be exposed to take all the work documentation digitally in order to avoid the information gap between design and work

Centralization of information in a shared data environment (BIM 360)

Knowledge will be obtained about probabilistic and iterative methods to determine the times that are coupled to the risk threshold allowed by the project.

Probabilistic methods for the determination of probable execution times / Montecarlo simulation

Implement withinorganizations a planning methodology that integrates the correct mapping of processes and detection of restrictions in a waytimely and real time (LPS)

Last planner System/ Lean performance indicators

The use that can be given to BIM models to keep track of project progress through a correct analysis of data supported by the Power BI platform is exposed.

Monitoring and decision making through Dashboard in real time (Power BI)

Laura Suares

Ing. Laura Suarez

After taking the Introduction to BIM methodology course and the BIM and Lean course, I feel that these programs have allowed me to learn to work collaboratively, realizing the significant reduction in time and costs,  y the great capacity it has to detect errors in the model. Conceptually, BIM is the  constructive methodology of now and the future, and I invite you to participate and enter this magnificent world, from which one does not want to stop learning.


Ing. German Jimenez

RPG Design and SCP Project Manager

Without a doubt, the Project Management course is a watershed due to the content of the information provided.
The level and quantity of relevant topics mastered by the instructors and their ease in transmitting them is remarkable.
Additionally, the mix of participants from other countries gives it added value over other training offers.
Without a doubt, the best

Edwin Sanchez

Ing. Edwin Sanchez

This course has given me a greater understanding of the application of technological tools (BIM), as well as the Lean Construction philosophy, focused on current construction management processes. The focus of the shared program with multidisciplinary professionals of various nationalities greatly enriched learning, always with the guidance and support of the SOHERSA team.


Ing. Fabian Bustamante

An excellent course, it allowed me to understand the wonderful world of BIM, with experienced and committed professionals.

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